How to get through lockdown 2.0

While I am writing this, we are starting the 2nd lockdown and fireworks announce this. Actually no, we are just experiencing the Bonfire Night while outside you can smell the winter air… Winter is coming my fellow readers.

Most of my colleagues already left the halls to spend the time with their family because ‘there’s no place like home’.

So how we handle this new lockdown? I have 5 tips which hopefully can help you.

Eat, pray, SLEEP!

We are experiencing difficult times and sleep helps with anxiety and stress. I know, you cannot make all the worries disappear, but it will increase your good mood and reduce your dark circles under your eyes. Why do you think Dracula looked flawless during daytime?

Stay fit and exercise daily

I know that your social media was filled with banana bread recipes and nice crunchy bread, but it is time to seize the day.  Think about yourself as a football player who must train daily and start with baby steps. How do you think Maradona became great?

Try to eat healthy

Fruits, veggies and lots of water. It is a good idea to plan your meals and to try to follow your usual eating routine. You will have a happy tummy and you will have hydrated skin as Little Mermaid.

Socialise with friends and family

Before lockdown we complained that we do not have time but now is the ideal time to get back in touch with your friends and family. Chewie, we are home!

Improve yourself

If you ever wanted to do something new and never had the time well this is the best opportunity for you. The Fairy God Mother helped Cinderella so why wouldn’t you find something similar? Repetition is the secret!

I hope these tips and tricks made your day and will help you to go through the lockdown 😊

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