Monat spring

Hello Spring time!
The flowers are red; the sun is up on the blue sky. Actually the truth it is that we had snow in every country including in Sahara, can you imagine, SAHARA??? Yes, actually there are pictures on Internet stating that. And no, I’m not crazy, just the weather who wanted to have a change, like extreme one.
Speaking of changes, did you notice that your hair structure is changing depending on the season?

For example, I need to change my shampoo for winter and summer time. For winter I need a shampoo for greasy hair but which has effect on nourishing my hair. On the other side on summer time, the shampoo needs to be light and to have a refreshing effect.

So how am I doing?
You know that moment when you finally find the perfect shampoo and after a week everything changes? Oh yes, that’s my hair. Have his own opinion, personality and also life style. It’s like I am talking about an animal but actually is my hair. :))

Observing that, I start doing my own research. According to Wikipedia ‘everyone’s scalp produces oil, but for some, oil production seems to hit overdrive. Why? At the base of every hair is the follicle – it lies just under the surface of the skin in the dermis. Each follicle is paired with a sebaceous gland, which produces a natural lubricant called sebum.’ So that’s the theoretical part.

So actually what’s the practical one? You can do like me to have tons of different shampoos’ in the bathroom which you actually not using or… You can use the research and find a good one.
Scrolling on Facebook I found Brooke Bolen, who was posting interesting facts about this company called Monat. What’s your first tough about a hair company? Oh, they will sell me the same things as the previous one. But actually is not like that. Monat is an all-natural, anti-aging, gluten and cruelty free hair care line. It has two years of clinical studies that proved Monat to grow hair longer, stronger, and fuller than other leading brands. You can actually check on their website and you will find out that they are doing a lot of researches so they can provide quality products, trying to be as much as they natural.

My hair type is greasy, wavy/curly and gets really dirty after 2 days. I received from Brooke a sample for a mask and a sample for shampoo. The shampoo makes my hair to be wavy again and also redo the shine but the mask is dropping my volume and it’s not actually the best for me. But this happens usually with any masks I’m using for my hair.
I appreciate that the ingredients are natural and the package looks really fancy. Yeah, I’m one of the girls who have an obsession for packaging. I used the shampoo twice in one week and my hair actually didn’t get really greasy. The scent is really nice and the texture is really good. I will definitely recommend these products, as I really fancy trying new stuff on the market which they are actually doing what is written on the package.


If I catch your interest you can use the following links to get some goodies:
Contact Brooke Bolen, Monat Representative.
Telephone (US): 303 949 7554

P.S : Thank you Brooke for the fancy package 🙂

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